lundi 11 avril 2011

JC Satan - Regal

Dans un nouveau bar à Lyon qui s'appelle le Moko !
JC Satàn c'est super et Regal j'en ai parlé plus bas !

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello!
    I got a copy of Arbitraire #9 and I got really amazed by your drawings. Even I can hardly speak or uderstand french, I can say that you are a true master.
    Do you have any other comic stuff published?


  2. Thank you Berto Fojo !
    I made a little book with Arbitraire Editions couple of years ago but it's out of print now...

    I'm afraid that's all I've got on paper !
    Planning on making a book with the strips published in Arbitraire and more, though.
    How did you get to know Arbitraire, by the way ?